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Reiki therapy finds and releases areas of stagnant energy in your body, perhaps caused by injury or emotional distress. The immediate benefits documented by researchers include improved mood and decreased anxiety, stress and pain.

5 Favors You’ll Be Doing Your Body

Each chakra is associated with specific wavelengths of sound. During reiki therapy sound is incorporated to enhance your body’s ability to enter a meditative state of deep relaxation, and ultimately relieving stress.

Reiki therapy helps quiet the endless chatter of the mind by entering theta brainwave activity which research shows occurs during sleep or deep meditation. By training your brain to enter this state it allows your mind to relax and slip into sleep with ease.

In chronic or acute pain, including pain from cancer, energy becomes stuck in certain areas. Reiki moves this energy while changing your perception of pain by calming the mind where pain signals are processed.

Reiki therapy calms the nervous system reducing hyperactivity and improving concentration allowing for clarity and ease in decision making.

Research shows reiki therapy’s direct impact on the autonomic nervous system. It shifts you out of the sympathetic state where anxiety and depression can grow and into the parasympathetic state, leaving you relaxed and uplifted.

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How do I prepare for a reiki session?

Please dress comfortably, and arrive ready to heal.

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