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The therapeutic benefits go well beyond relaxation. Our therapists specialize in using massage as a modern healthcare technique to not only reduce acute and chronic pain but to manage mental and emotional disorders from anxiety and depression to insomnia.

Here are 5 reasons your body will love you.

Massage’s rhythmic pressure stimulates nerve receptors to dilate vessels and physically move blood through congested regions of the body. This means more nutrients to muscles to reduce pain and improves recovery after exercise.

Gently stretching the muscles and connective tissue surrounding joints increases muscle length and flexibility. Simply put : More movement. Better posture.

Research shows that massage decreases levels of stress hormones by 30% and increases serotonin and dopamine to balance your mood and increase focus. A gentle option for children!

Regular massage sessions can help to establish a pattern of deep restorative sleep by reducing pain and increasing levels of serotonin, the “happiness” hormone. Serotonin helps you feel relaxed and is the precursor to melatonin, which prepares your body to sleep.

Body work releases tension in tissues of the body to create proper structural balance. Muscles and organs are then able to communicate more effectively together allowing our whole system to function with ease.

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Do I have to completely undress?

During your massage, we observe a strict draping policy for your privacy, so completely undressing is appropriate. If you prefer to wear undergarments, please feel free to do so.

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