What if I’m late for my appointment?
In order to respect the time of all of our clients, a patient more than 15 minutes late will be seen as a no-show unless we have been notified ahead of time. Late appointments will end at the originally scheduled time.

Is Acupuncture safe?
When performed by a registered or licensed acupuncturist it’s very low risk and has been used safely for centuries. Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic and The World Health Organization all endorse acupuncture as a safe and effective treatment of many conditions.

Does it hurt?
Acupuncture is relatively painless. You may feel a slight prick when the needle is inserted, followed by a heaviness, numbness or tingling. These sensations are produced when the energy of the body has been accessed and is followed by a feeling over overall relaxation.

How long are acupuncture treatments?
The initial treatment is scheduled at 90 minutes and follow up visits are 60 minutes.

How many visits will I need?
Every client is unique, so the number of visits depends on many considerations specific to you including: the severity of the condition, length of time it has been present and lifestyle factors. Generally speaking, we recommend a course of 10 treatments. While clients see significant change in very few treatments while others will need more than one course for resolution.

In China, it is very common for patients to receive acupuncture many times in a week or even daily. We understand that our lifestyle and medical system are very different here in Michigan. Grand Wellness will help find a solution that best fits your current condition, availability, and financial circumstance.

What do you do with the needles after you use them?
At Grand Wellness we never reuse needles. All of our needles are sterilized during their manufacturing process and then sealed in sterile packaging. They are single-use and disposable. Meaning each needle is used once and then put into a biohazard box to dispose of responsibly.

How do I prepare for a reiki session?
Please dress comfortably, and arrive ready to heal.

Do you offer virtual sessions?
Yes, we understand that our clients schedules can be demanding so we offer our Intuitive coaching sessions online. We will email you a direct link where you can log in to your Jane Account to access the video at the time of the appointment. Our video calls are best experienced on a computer or laptop and unfortunately aren’t supported by iOS devices just yet. So grab your laptop, a comfortable and quiet setting and your session will be ready to go.

Do I have to completely undress?
During your massage, we observe a strict draping policy for your privacy, so completely undressing is appropriate. If you prefer to wear undergarments, please feel free to do so.

Do I have to completely undress?
Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing as you will leave them on throughout the session.

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